Expedition to the Yukon!

The Performance Corporation are looking for collaborators!
24th August 2015
Expedition: The Symposium and Apparition
22nd November 2016


This summer we’re heading to the Magnetic North Theatre Festival (Canada’s national theatre festival) to create and perform the next phase of Expedition – our continuing  journey of collaboration and artistic exploration with our Canadian partners Boca de Lupo.

 Expedition is a project unlike any we’ve done before. It started with a big theme – climate change – rather than our normal starting points of  place or  story. And we’re not sure what the end point will be. We’ve talked about it being a movement, a festival, a conversation.

What we do know is that we want to involve as many voices from the scientific, activist and artistic worlds as possible as we explore the theme. The next leg of the journey takes place at Magnetic North in White Horse in the Yukon Territory – a town near the Arctic Circle that knows all about the impacts of climate change. We’re really excited to take this project a step further, and honoured it is part of Culture Ireland’s 1916 Commemoration Programme. To really get the spirit of this project check out our video from Expedition part 1 at Dublin Theatre Festival.

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