Kill Your Babies!
23rd October 2008
Home Alone
4th November 2008


I was talking to one of the actors the other day and he happened to mention that he had never been part of the production side of a show. This was during a conversation about pre-sales, (they will all by the way ask me very casually from here on in how the sales are going). The actor jokingly said that he hadn’t a notion how the marketing and producing side of things went and assumed that the audience just showed up along with the set, costumes ect ect . This is of course how you would like it to appear and so I smiled serenely. However it got me thinking about all things that will keep me up nights from here until the end of the run. Not the huge things like will the floor for the set arrive in time, will we sell enough tickets. These things are like a constant thought in the back of you mind. I mean the small stupid things. Here are some of the things that have been keeping me awake

1.  What if someone steals my car with the posters in the back,( que me going to the car in my jamies to take them in)

2. What if my computer crashes with the only opening night invitation list on it. (Middle of night back up it is)

3. What if I fall over and hurt myself. Have I explained the payment system?, who to chase about advertising?

Then there is the constant fear that I have forgotten something, something important that makes me get up and recheck emails, post it notes and notebooks. What i have decided though is fear is good, it gives you enough adrenaline to work harder. It occurs to me though that I will worry about every aspect of the production bar one thing. The actual show, the acting, the directing. Like the actor, I just assume that a fantastic product will be delivered in the end. So that is me today, a combination of absolute fear and absolute faith!

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