“Jig!” Secret show for St Pats Fest

The SPACE Programme 2009 Participants
13th March 2009
The mountains
29th March 2009

Yesterday we put a spring in the step of the St Patrick’s festivities with our latest top secret “Theatrical Espresso”. By-standers were surprised, amazed and amused when over one hundred performers suddenly broke cover to stage the world’s first “Flash Céili” outside The Central Bank in Dublin yesterday evening. The show, titled JIG was organised as part of The St. Patrick’s Festival.

We rehearsed in secret in Filmbase from 4 – 6pm and then brought performers up in groups of twenty to mingle around the site. On a cue from the band, the performers sprang to action and turned the area outside central bank into a large scale stomping ground. With so many tourists in town there was soon a flurry of cameras popping and phones whipped out to record the action. While reading the indo this morning I learned that the event had been leaked a little bit on twitter and there were a couple of people tipped off. Hmm this means we will have to step up security on the next one.

If you missed us on the RTE Nine O’Clock news last night then you can catch it tonight on the highlights programme at 7pm. Happy St Patricks Day!

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