Kiss my YouTube

Day 3
8th October 2008
The glamourous world behind the scenes.
9th October 2008

Kiss my YouTube

Why are people smiling?

It must be our Kiss video. The response has been incredible and it seems to have made a lot of people smile and go “aw”. And that’s a great thing, especially in these dark days when credit has gone all crunchy and “money in the bank” is about as “safe as houses”, i.e. not safe at all.

Viral? That’s bad right?

Apparently not. I’m told by some young people I know that “viral” is jolly good and not at all like a dose of the flu.  Kiss is currently number 16 most viewed on YouTube Ireland – and climbing. Not bad when you consider the millions of views per day in Ireland alone. So if you’ve got it, pass it on.

What the hell is Kiss?

Well if you haven’t seen it yet, Kiss involved a shopping centre, a haunting melody and about 40 kissing couples.

So what’s next?

I’m so glad you asked (said he, preparing for a shameless plug) because The Performance Corporation is currently in rehearsal for The Nose (a play about a civil servant trapped in a face-off with his own nose, happens all the time apparently) and will run from November 11 to 22 in Project Arts Centre, Dublin. You can even book online at . Here ends the plug. XXX

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