The Seven Deadly Sins

The Butterfly Ranch
15th April 2004
War and Peace – the Musical
16th May 2003

The Seven Deadly Sins

The 7 Deadly Sins

By Tom Swift

Satan swoops into Garadice City armed with the ultimate weapons of mass corruption: Greed, Lust, Envy, Pride, Sloth, Anger and Gluttony. Lock up your souls. You're all going to hell as Lucifer's cock-rock Guitar riffs plunge you into a cauldron of Sci-fi, Carry-on, Bollywood and Shock TV.


Irreverent good fun…Jo Mangan directs a fearless and talented cast of nine with enormous energy and invention…infectious carnival spirit. - The Guardian

Marvellous…splendid…fantastic choreography…fantastic cynicism about modern Ireland…jolly good! These people are really going to go somewhere, they’re terrific. - Rattlebag (RTE)

sheer fun…ratings for energy and creativity are off the charts…the company’s signature style is very much in place - The Irish Times

a madcap revue… smart and full of potential hilarity…it points to director Jo Mangan's particular gift with actors: whatever she does, she'd best keep doing it, as it is quite apparent from the stalls that the ensemble are having the craic as well as working their bums off…it's touches like that set The Performance Corporation apart. - WOW

The 7 Deadly Sins…deadly in the very Dublin sense of the word; we just love them…cleverly styled.. observations about popular culture and modern society are spot on…the nine strong cast show tremendous energy and are all accomplished physical office….wears its slapstick on its sleeve. - The Sunday Tribune

Enormously funny. A great idea…frenetic pace...good gags…impressive movement…huge enthusiasm from the players. - The Sunday Independent

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