Shift Happens

White Out – Allianz Business to Arts Awards 2009
21st May 2009
Cork, York and Berlin
21st June 2009


We hope you are enjoying our new website, as we have been carefully rebuilding it over the last few months, so that works better for you and for us.Let us know what you think or if you have any suggestions.

The Performance Corporation and its team; i.e. Jo, Kelly and myself are constantly striving for innovation. This includes our online networks, theatre is alive online as well.So this year, for the second year running, Jo Mangan and myself with head to York in England, to the Theatre Royal and Pilot Theatre company’s annual conference Shift Happens.

This conference focuses on web 2.0 and online networks, specifically for theatre companies. Through lectures and hands-on demonstrations, Jo and I will be able to engage with some of the new and best sites on hand to theatre companies, whether that is for administration, rehearsals, coordinating shows or marketing. The possibilities of theses sites can be very broad.

Last year we discovered a number of useful websites that have now become a backbone to how we organise elements of our work:

A very simple website, that allows you to create your own working space.
Within your site, you can create pages (very similar to word documents) of information.We have found this especially useful in our production process. We store design ideas – images, video and sound online and all our team can access all the information remotely.This provides a wonderful opportunity between production meetings for information to be kept updated.

The handiest thing for administration that I have seen in a long time.
You create a meeting, add your availability over a period of time, email a link to the other required attendees and wait.When an attendee inputs their availability, you get an email.
You can see as people input their availability, the possible meeting dates.
You can make certain attendees VIP, so dates will correspond with their availability.
It’s truly an excellent time saving tool.

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