Simply SPACE

Irish Times Irish Theatre Awards
4th March 2009
The SPACE Programme 2009 Participants
13th March 2009

Simply SPACE 

As part of The Performance Corporation’s continued commitment to creating space for professional artists, we have secured additional space at Castletown House for artists to work. This programme will be run throughout the year on a submission basis and based on artists’ needs which may include

  • •access to office facilities during production of a play or performance
  • access to office facilities to research the artistic requirements or administrative requirements for a production
  • access to a rehearsal space for development of work

The Performance Corporation is open to providing access to spaces for various periods, depending on demand. If you wish to be considered for Simply SPACE please submit a two pageproposal outlining

1. information about you and/or your group/company

2. the body of work you wish to explore

3. how liaising with The Performance Corporation might be of benefit to you

4. how being at Castletown House would be of benefit to your work

5. what you seek in terms of space and time 

In addition, please send links to examples of your work (using youtube, vimeo, photobucket etc) or send small attachments (no bigger than 1MB).

Please forward submissions to

Submissions are particularly welcomed from Kildare based artists.


The Performance Corporation is an Arts Council Regularly Funded Organisation (RFO), and is supported by a grant from Kildare County Council.
Space in 
Castletown House is provided courtesy of the OPW.

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