Spilt Gin in Castletown House

Slattery’s Sago Saga photoshoot
11th May 2010
Washington DC to Belmullet
29th May 2010

The charm of Castletown House has not worn off for me yet, and I am always reminded of it’s beauty coming into work in the morning. With Jo away in Washington DC, auditioning for our epic 2011 co-production with Solas Nua, and Irene working part-time, it can get lonely at times, working on my own in the corner office on the vast second floor. So I am always pleased when we have artists keeping me company. For the past month, it has been Spilt Gin Theatre Co, who have applied for our Simply SPACE Programme to rehearse for their new show Andy Warhol’s Nothing Special.

Director Maeve Stone and writer James Hickson let me watch a run-through on their final rehearsal day and I was very impressed. Andy Warhol’s Nothing Special is currently running in the Belltable, so if you’re in Limerick, it’s well worth catching! Below is a fab promo Spilt Gin shot in Castletown House grounds.

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