The Nose

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3rd September 2012
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3rd September 2012

The Nose

by Tom Swift

Directed by Jo Mangan


First Presented at

Project Arts Centre, November 2008

The Nose by Tom Swift

The Nose by Tom Swift



It is really hard to get ahead without a nose. And it makes things even tougher when the nose in questions is gallivanting round town, and proving a real hit with the ladies.

The Nose is the strange tale of Major Kovalyov, a civil servant whose nose has taken on a life of its own. With his love-life in tatters and his finances in free-fall, The Nose follows one man’s desperate mission to quite literally, save face. This riotous new version of Gogol’s surreal story is a satire on greed, lust and pride after a fall.


Alan Howley, Aongus Óg McAnally, Lisa Lambe, Sonya Kelly, Stephen Swift, Conan Sweeny

Production Designers:

Set Design … Ciaran Bagnall
Lighting Design… Kevin Treacy
Original Music… Jack Cawley
Costume Design… Sinead Cuthbert & Therese McKeone
Make-Up Design … Lorraine McCrann
Hair Assistant… Karen Culleton
Choreography… Nanette Kincaid
Wigs… Pat McDevitt

The Company:

Kelly Phelan … Producer
Irene O’Mara … Production Coordinator
Kate Ferris… Show Manager
Rory Musgrave … Assistant Show manager/Assistant Production Coordinator
Louise Lowe… Production Assistant
Gerry Lundberg… Publicity
Colm Hogan… Photographer
Eoin McNinch… Lighting Technician/Operator
Ashley Dooley-Martin… Sound Technician/Operator
Liv Monaghan… Costume Intern
Andy Firman… Rigger
Tara Robinson… Wardrobe Supervisor
Nicola Parsons… Wardrobe Assistant

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