The Space Journey Continues…

SPACE 2011 Fires Up!
10th March 2011
Swampoodlers arrive in DC!
25th April 2011

The Space Journey Continues…

“First say to yourself what you would be; and then do what you have to do”. Epictetus

Amazing! We are already into week 2 of The SPACE Programme journey for 2011! Time has melted into the background for our artists in Castletown, who have completely immersed themselves in a world of artistic discovery and collaboration. Last week our nine creative jewels soaked up one anothers art forms and gained a personal appreciation of one anothers passions. An elegant dance session, entertaining technical demonstrations and a coke rocket experiement were just some of the highlights from last weeks collaborations. A soothing sense of harmony was established within the group and the working environment was remarkably calming. This week however, the sparks are flying! The rooms are all a buzz with creative thoughts and experiments finding their feet.

Fridays session ended with some food for thought -An appetizing pate, succulent beef and a tempting sticky toffee pudding in the mix made the top running selections of the evening at our favourite eaterie Wolfes on Capel Street.

Several satisfied mouths then ventured to the Project Arts Centre for a contemporary music session. A diverse array of musicians proved there are no restrictions when it comes to an instruments capabilities and that rules really are made to be broken! Contemporary sound effects combined simultaneously with intense and vibrant visuals shared insight into alternative collaborations.

On Saturday morning, the crisp sound of sludging boots filled with water and crunching heather wrapped up week one with a silent walk in the Wicklow mountains. An almost trance like group proceeded uphill in deep contemplation of the days just past. It was the perfect opportunity to empty old thoughts and refresh the soul softly.

“The power of imagination makes us infinite”. John Muir

(Collette Haverty)

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