The Space Programme 2008

Lizzie Lavelle and the Vanishing of Emlyclough
3rd September 2012
The SPACE Programme 2009
3rd September 2012

The Space Programme 2008

With the close of the inaugural SPACE Programme, The Performance Corporation is delighted to share with you just some of the creativity, dynamism, and exuberance that emerged from this unique research and development project.

On the 7th April 2008 a first-of-its-kind theatre initiative took place which saw architects, actors, choreographers and visual artists collaborating to create exciting new work. Inspired by what was happening in the theatrical community on the continent, The Performance Corporationcreated a residency programme for artists based on the companies ethos of collaboration. Although the programme had long been in the company’s long term plans, it came to early fruition due to The Performance Corporation’s move to Castletown House.

The OPW offered the company residency and with this came rehearsal spaces, access to accommodation in the gatelodge and roundhouse and the freedom afforded by having unlimited use of all that Castletown Estate offers.

The Space Programme 2008

The Space Programme 2008


The programme was facilitated by Jo Mangan Artistic Director of The Performance Corporation & Hanna Slättne, Dramaturg with additional guest facilitators:


Actor – Alan Howley

Dancers – Rebecca Walters & Áine Stapleton

Composer – Jack Cawley

Video editor – Evan Flynn.

The participants were:

Ciaran Bagnall, a lighting designer from Northern Ireland,

Christine Fentz, a site-specific director from Denmark,

Mary-Jo Gilligan an Irish visual artist

Konstantin Grouss, a choreographer from Russia,

Sonia Haccius, an Irish set and costume designer,

Nuria Montblanch, an architect from Canada,

Suzanne Mooney, an Irish visual artist, and

Irene O’Mara, an Irish vocalist.


The SPACE Programme’s mission was simple: as To allow artists of all disciplines the time and space to collaborate and explore new artistic possibilities.

After two intensive and energizing weeks at the company’s base in Castletown House, the participants from as far afield as Russia, Canada, Denmark have certainly accomplished that mission and more.


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