The Space Programme 2010

The SPACE Programme 2009
3rd September 2012
The Judge’s House
25th October 2012

The Space Programme 2010

For the ABSOLUT Dublin Fringe in 2010 The Performance Corporation offered production support to 3 shows during the festival:

From the Heart by Louise White and Kate Nic Chonaonaigh

True Enough! by Making Strange

Help Me! Help Me! by Priscilla Robinson

From The Heart

 Louise White and Kate Nic Chonaonaigh

In devastation there is beauty. In all that is faded and worn something new must bloom. This place is rare. It tells our story, it echoes those that have gone before. Look around you. There are whispers of histories, adventures unfolding and secrets being shared. Experience our search for redemption in this crumbling Georgian mansion. Pain brought us here but now we’re finding the way out. Come along, our arms are open. What lies around the corner can only make us better.

13 North Great George’s Street
11 September – 19 September 2010, 6.30pm & 8pm


True Enough!

The Interactive Post-Fact Game Show With Real Cash Prizes

Making Strange

Let’s face it: we live in a post-fact society, where what matters isn’t so much what’s true but what we FEEL is true. Science facts under attack, political yelling instead of debate-how do we, the rational, compete on this new playing field? True Enough! The Interactive Post-Fact Game Show With Real Cash Prizes is designed to teach you how to cope in the changing landscape of truth.
 Our hosts guide you through a panoply of topics and activities- different every night-testing your ability to adapt to the new reality. Everyone gets to play; everyone can win that real cash!

17 September – 25 September 2010, 6.30pm


Help Me! Help Me!

Priscilla Robinson

I hate normal shop-shopping. I like charity shop, flea-market, car-boot sale shopping. So I am opening the Help Me! Help Me! charity shop, and I want you to come and rummage. Talk to strangers, rearrange the merchandise, haggle, browse, engage me in long chats about the weather and your ailments. I’m the charity. You can take my things; just give me something that will help me in exchange – a tune, some cake, your company, a cure for loneliness, 40 cent… Daily tea, cake and chat at 3pm. Please be generous, everything must go. The shop closes every day at 5pm.

 3/4 Smock Alley Court (off Parliament Street, former Smock Alley Cafe), Dublin 2
23 September – 26 September 2010, 12pm – 5pm


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