The SPACE Programme 2018

Deep Space 2018


The SPACE Programme 2018, is now open for applications from artists, technologists, VR developers, interactive designers and creators who are interested in exploring the intersection of arts and technology.

DEEP SPACE 2018 is a special edition of the programme which will focus on collaborative processes in arts and technology - zooming in on the potential of the human experience within this rapidly expanding field, which is revolutionising human connection, the imagination and how we express ourselves.

Since 2008, the award-winning cultural innovators The Performance Corporation have run the SPACE Programme; an international multi-disciplinary residency exploring the process of cross artform collaboration.

Over the past 10 years over 60 artists from all over the world have benefitted from the programme. Each year’s outcome has been vastly different due to the hugely varied alignments of artforms, artists and interrogations involved.

This year, we are using the experience and expertise gathered since the programme’s inception to focus more specifically on the intersection of arts and technology. There is an urgent need to understand exactly how collaborations in this field can be best achieved.

We are creating a residency space exclusively for innovative, entrepreneurial and dynamic creatives from both the arts and technology worlds, with a range of different expertise and work processes.

The takeaway will include new expertise and understanding of the different ecologies we are all part of, a deeper knowledge of different work practices as well as new connections. It will create for all participants stronger starting points from which to initiate and facilitate collaboration, innovation and new idea generation.

Have you got questions about: Interactive installations and experiences, storytelling in a digital world, immersive experiences, VR, AR and performance, AI, algorithms and self – expression, human beings/machine interface, identity, ownership and meaning?

If so this residency is for you

We will provide:

  • A space exclusively for innovative and dynamic creatives from the arts and technology worlds.
  • A focus on how collaborations in this field can be best achieved.
  • The opportunity to explore, play, make and experiment without the pressure to produce an outcome.
  • The exclusive use of the amazing spaces of the Tyrone Guthrie Centre, the artists residence at Annaghmakerrig in County Monaghan, Ireland.

What's included:

We offer travel costs, full board, spaces to work, equipment and extraordinary people with whom to collaborate.

Residency Programme Dates:

18 - 25 November 2018


The Tyrone Guthrie Centre at Annaghmakerrig in County Monaghan.


We are now accepting applications via this form.

The deadline for submission is 5pm, Wednesday 26th September, 2018. Successful applicants will be informed in early October.


Produced by The Performance Corporation in association with Hanna Slattne. 

Funded by the Arts Council.

Are you an artist who engages with technology but wants to go deeper into that realm in their work?

Are you a tech creative who wants to engage in artistic collaborations that deepen the relationship between art and technology?

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