We’re Home!

Salttery’s Sago Saga at Dublin Theatre Festival
18th August 2011
Across the Lough – Now Sold Out!
22nd March 2012

We’re Home!

After a relaxing break over the festive season, we are settling back into the beautiful Castletown House minus the mince pies and overstock of USA biscuits. Big plans lie ahead for 2012 and with such a varied programme of events lined up we are already anticipating cue 1!

As 2011 drew to a close, the Performance Corporation were relocated from their regular home to accommodate a massive maintenance job in Castletown House. As this undertaking nears its completion we are delighted to be back in our familiar surroundings. The daily hustle and bustle of countless floorboards being pulled up inspired a big backstage tidy up for the New Year and we are waiting anxiously in the wings as we near the end of our second week back for 2012.

What a big year this is with our very own award winning director Jo Mangan deeply inspiring us as the Jerome Hynes Clore Cultural Leadership Fellow for 2011/2012! We also have some team changes this year with Tom Swift stepping up as Artistic Director and a new addition Collette Haverty taking over a Programme Co-ordinator role for the company.

BUT… The most exciting news we saved until the end, this year the Performance Corporation are celebrate their 10th birthday! Yup! 10 Years!  Big plans lie ahead for 2012 with our first venture taking us to the west of Ireland to bring our audience ‘Across the Lough’ as part of the new LANDMARK public art programme run by Mayo County Council. Lifejackets, rowing boats and floating Jetty’s are keeping us out of mischief this week and under a swamp of paperwork!

So it’s checking out time for the moment but watch this space as we will be keeping you regularly updated on the fun and frollicks going on behind the scenes…

In the meantime, check it out… Jo Mangan on the amazing Rise Productions Podcast…


(Click on link) Irish Theatre Podcast from Rise Productions featuring Jo Mangan


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