The Flying Dutchman of Inishkill
17th August 2006
The Yokohama Delegation
20th August 2005



By Tom Swift

A co-production with Once-Off Productions

Get in your car and drive to the edge of town where the badland backroads of the boy racer skid to a halt. Turn on your headlights. Tune in your radio. Take it all in. The speed freaks, the drifters and the stove jockeys. This is a story speeding close to the edge and I don’t know whether to laugh or cry.

Life’s a car crash but you can’t help watching.


"Stunning. A triumphantly exciting and innovative piece of theatre. With brilliant light and sound, cheetah-like energy from the players and a passion of regret for road carnage, it offers no explanations or excuses, merely a sobering documentation. And it does it superbly, with talented creativity and theatrical discipline stamped on every second of time and every scream of wheels." The Sunday Independent

“The find of the festival…brilliantly written, innovative, topical…a masterpiece of choreography…” The Irish Independent

“The simple, moving final moments bring home the tragic consequences of joyriding gone wrong….cleverly conceived exercise in drive-in theatre … a quite amazing feat of directing”
The Guardian

“Impressively lit expansive exteriors and scrupulously evinced psychological interiors….graceful slow-motion sequences - a vehicular ballet” The Irish Times

“Stylish production… sharp meditation on speed, power and the death drive…powerful words…exhilarating show”
Herald AM

“It’s a true feast for the senses, with the three excellent performers dancing and swaggering around on the tarmac, speeding around the building in three souped-up hatchbacks. But best of all is the coloured lighting in each of the windows of the mock-Georgian building, which flash on and off like disco lights at appropriate moments.”
Fringe Report

“The most exciting and innovative thirty minute spectacle I have witnessed in a long time”
Irish Theatre Magazine

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