The Judge’s House
28th October 2007
Lizzie Lavelle and the Vanishing of Emlyclough
10th July 2007



By The Performance Corporation

Presented in the Ilac Centre as part of Ulster Bank Dublin Theatre Festival 2008

The top-secret theatrical espresso brought the ILAC Shopping Centre to a standstill when unsuspecting shoppers witnessed a mysterious outbreak of kissing couples in the main concourse. To the haunting sound of the song “Llorando”, bystanders watched as apparent strangers came together, drawn by some strange emotional force and began to kiss. The best thing was some of the passers-by joined in! Then, as quickly as it had begun, the kissing couples parted, melting once more into the crowd.

Details of the event were kept top secret and the almost 100 brave actors who signed up for the show had no idea until lunchtime on Saturday 4th October where the performance would happen and what it would involve.

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