Lizzie Lavelle and the Vanishing of Emlyclough

7th October 2007
The Flying Dutchman of Inishkill
17th August 2006

Lizzie Lavelle and the Vanishing of Emlyclough

Lizzie Lavelle and the Vanishing of Emlyclough

By Tom Swift

This bi-lingual (English/Irish) play was staged in a dramatic natural amphitheatre in the sand dunes of Belmullet, Co. Mayo. Lizzie Lavelle attracted audiences from all over the country who came to see action careen from 100ft high sand cliffs with the backdrop of the Iniskea Islands and the wild Atlantic. The colourful, fun and irreverent show delighted audiences of all ages.

On the mullet peninsula, in a time that’s neither herw nor there, lived two townlands at war with each other for no good reason except it was something to do when the days got longer. Emlyclough North and Emlyclough South were the names of those two warring tribes. I’ll tell you, they hated each other down to a man. Except for this one oddly exceptional case. Isn’t it funny how a person can get so fiercely lovey dovey over a person playing for the other team


“staged in …the most impressive bunker on earth….fiercely humorous…another restlessly physical and archly entertaining show from director Jo Mangan, …an ensemble well versed in ironic delivery, comic timing and imperturbable stunt work.”
– The Irish Times

‘ingeniously simple set…playwright Tom Swift’s engaging stlye…fierce energy and snappy storytelling…compulsively watchable…Jo Mangan’s adroit direction…the stunning location; the colour, brio and imitable je ne sais quoi of The Performance Corporation’s distinctive story-telling style; and the energy of the cast…create something unique and wonderful”.
- Irish Theatre Magazine

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