White Out – Allianz Business to Arts Awards 2009

White Out
13th May 2009
Shift Happens
17th June 2009

White Out

The tale of the other side…

For those of you who know my work, I am the Project Coordinator for The Performance Corporation, which to date has included management of shows, company administration and many other organisational aspects.
However, yesterday for the first time, I explored the other side. I performed with the company for the Business to Arts Awards reception.
Yes, I joined the other side for a short sweet period, as a singer. The piece was devised and performed within three days, a daunting task, but I relished every moment. Costumes were created using newsprint from the Irish Times print house and designed by Oisín Byrne. With Castletown’s grand entrance hall and staircase as the backdrop the piece was created to stunning visual effect with music composed by Jo Thomas.

White Out is a collaboration between The Performance Corporation, visual artist Oisín Byrne and composer Jo Thomas, based on work that was explored at this year’s SPACE Programme.

With just two days to rehearse, I was thrown into rehearsal alongside 8 other artists:
Brian Bennett
Louisa Carroll
Emma Fitzgerald
Robert Jackson
Lisa Lambe
Regan O’Brien
Hilary O’Shaughnessy
Stephen Swift
I haven’t been quite this particular kind of tired in a long time. But it is satisfying and I hope you like the photos of the work….

Flickr photos

Behind the scenes

The video will follow very soon….but here’s some photo samples of what to expect:

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