Cool Fresh Milk in Berlin
3rd July 2009
Cool Fresh Milk in Berlin
17th July 2009

This is the first day in a while I have had the chance to blog so I thought I’d bring you up to speed a little with whats been happening in Perf Corp land lately. Late last week we had auditions for our new show. We always try and see new talent for auditions so I put out the call through facebook for anyone who hasn’t auditioned for us before and frankly demand was overwhelming. They crashed my computer! Twice!. After all the CV’s come in we go through them all and as we had so many this time only asked to audition those that may be suitable for a role. Our audition process is a little different in that we do large workshop auditions where Jo gets to work with the actors over an hour.
After auditions comes my least favourite part in the entire production process. The rejections. I call all the actors and let them know that we can’t offer them a part in the production. I hate this part, hate, hate, hate. The majority of the actors I call are exceptionally gracious, passing on good wishes for the show and saying how much they enjoyed the workshop, but I have had tears and this results in me going home and eating my own weight in Ice-Cream.
Any-hoo, auditions went exceptionally well and we have almost cast the new show. Have you noticed how I am calling it the new show. You will be getting that a lot as it is currently a secret. Unless of course you are one 964 facebook friends to which I sent out a message with the details. Just pretend like you didn’t see that as I wasn’t supposed to. Ooops!

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