Tech Day 1
6th November 2008
No Exit
13th November 2008


Tech week, tech week oh tech week! No college course or even life experience can prepare you for tech week. Let me try and give you some idea of what it is like. So we’ve moved lock stock into the project. I have my little mobile office in the foyer. All cast, crew and designers are on site. The promos is playing downstairs as I speak. I can hear people ringing box office making enquiries and bookings. Once roughly every 15 minutes someone comes and asks me for something. This can range from payments to panini’s, press releases to power supplys. I’ll give a free ticket to the first person who can tell me what a terminal block is and what is does.

However out here is positively calm to what is happening in the space. An army of people have been hard at work, building, rigging, focusing, acting, directing, final touches are going on costumes, set, everything really. This is the last push, right before we open it up to you the wonderful public, to laugh, to be amazed, to judge! It doesn’t matter that you may not notice some of the tiny detail that has taken hours. That the shade of pillowcase is a very particular one. That the tiny lights have taken days to rig. We will notice all this. All we ask of you is that you sit back and let the entire experience happen. 

Now you ask, why did I title this blog chocolate? Well with an army of people working round the clock there are bound to be a few frayed nerves. Occasionally you may be approached by someone that may look a little tired shall we say. This is where my supply of chocolate comes in. I dole it out willy nilly, to all and sundry and watch as they get a little kick of endorphins. It’s very simple but sometimes simple works. Keep everyone fed, keep them happy.

Anyway I have to get back to it. I’ll be here when you come along to the show that has taken so much hard work to create. If you ask very nicely I’ll even give you some chocolate.

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