Tech Day 1

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4th November 2008
6th November 2008

Tech Day 1


How’s it going?  It seems like an age since I lasted blogged.  I’ve been so busy I could hardly breathe.  The Get-In and Fit-Up was pretty tough. Today was our first day of Tech and I am proud to say that the set is in place (almost completely!), LX and sound are plotted and ready (almost!) and actors have been onstage in costume and make-up.  We’re ticking all the right boxes in terms of preparation, but I still have many small jobs to complete before our preview audience arrives on Friday but its definitely getting there.  At this point every minute, every second is valuable.  At any one point, there are four things I have to get done and never enough time to complete it.

But today, I found myself with a spare half hour with which to sit and watch some of the tech running.  There was smoke in the air, light shafts streaming through the set, actors in fabulous make-up and costumes and eerie sounds drifting across the air.  In this rare moment of sitting, covered in dust and feeling a little on the deranged side of tired, I could have been dreaming.  It was stunning.  This is why I work in theatre, to be part of creating those magic moments.

Bring on Friday Preview!

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