Flooring It…
21st October 2008
Kill Your Babies!
23rd October 2008


No matter how prepared you are for a show, there will always be at least one deadline that gets blown out of the water and if you’re very very lucky you will make it by the skin of your teeth. Today was one such day. Not to bore you with too much detail but for a poster to make it to a place where you will see it, it has to go through many many hands. The make up artist, costume designers, photographer, actors, director, and a small pink dog creating the photoshoot, the photographer enhancing the image, the graphic designer designing the poster, the director and marketing person ( also known as me) approving the poster, the printer printing the poster and finally the distribution company placing them on billboards for all you lovely people to see.

Fast forward to 5.25 today, the distribution company need the posters at 5.30, and I’m stuck in traffic on the quays, (worse since the new stupid system came into place). One abandoned car later and I’m sure the sight of me running like a cavewoman across down merchants quay made an amusing sight. Word to the wise two tubes of billboard posters moving swiftly towards people will make them get out of your way.

But the point is, the deadline was made, the crisis averted, you will get to see the fantastic image that was created. There will be a lot more deadlines before opening, a lot more running. This is in essence my job, and If I only come down to the wire on one or two of them I’ll be doing very well.

More about how the small dog became pink in the next blog.

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