Flooring It…

Pimp my Ride
16th October 2008
22nd October 2008

Flooring It…

The end of week 2 and things are gearing up now.  With deadlines pushing on and the ever looming OPENING NIGHT creeping closer, I am surprisingly calm this Friday.  The set is booked and on the verge of construction.  I’d just like to say: ‘YEAY!’ This was my big deadline for the week and I’m happy to say its back on track to become a 3D reality.

We had a run of the play on Wednesday, a first run through.  It was rough, of course, but from my perspective, it was incredibly inspiring, a glimpse at the bigger picture.  It was also a reminder of why I make all the phonecalls, pour over technical details and harrass everyone into following schedules. A Production Coorindator is seldom involved in rehearsals.

I’ve attached some rehearsal photos for your viewing pleasure.

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