Raspberries help it all sink in
22nd July 2009
24th July 2009

So we just had 2 development days with actors and designers for our new show that culminated with a run of the show. After 2 days! A run! My oh my what talented people we work with. Obviously everything was rough and ready but we did get a flavour of what the show will eventually be like. I can tell you it’s going to be funny, dark, non-narrative, possibly slightly terrifying and absolutely non hierarchical or linear.
I have a feeling I may love it. Which leads me on to the fact that I won’t be here for it. Nope I’m off into the big blue yonder, will be travelling for the next year. Handing over to the fab Marketa at the moment and trying my hardest to get everyone to understand my own peculiar brand of filing and everything else!

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