22nd July 2009
Filling the shoes
29th July 2009

I shouldn’t have waited until today to write this, emotions are a little high and I may come across exceptionally sentimental and cheesy. Irene has been mocking me all week about my goodbye blog. “Is the blog about developments your goodbye one?” etc etc. So here it is, my goodbye.

When I first started three years ago with The Performance Corporation we were working out of a back room in Jo and Toms house. That along with many other things has changed since. We now work out of the very grand Castletown House and I no longer get to play with the dogs on my lunch break. However the ethos has never changed, we still strive for Harder! Faster! Better! Stronger!, still try and make the best theatre we can, utilize new technologies and respect our audiences and so try and give them the best experience we can. None of that has changed. The biggest change in the last few years has been me, when I first came here from college, theatrically speaking I didn’t know my ar%*&. from my elbow. Ah yeah I could quote some Post-Dramatic theory for you but as to who was who in Irish theatre, not a clue. The company has turned me into a producer, the only thing in the world I can imagine doing and three years ago I didn’t even know what one was!

The company is a unit, a tight crew, everything clichéd you could imagine me saying right now, but that’s what we are and it’s very difficult to leave it. So to soften it I have to imagine that I will be back eventually. When I come back from traveling perhaps if I come and sit in the office they might give me something to do!

Anyway this is not really goodbye, I’ll be there opening night for the new show. What am I talking about I’ll see them all again tomorrow night for Toms birthday. But just for sentimentality sake, goodbye and thanks. It’s been a privilege.

Bye Bye

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