Poster Flyer -flying along

Slattery’s Sago Saga Trailer
11th June 2010
19th June 2010

We’re approaching the last few lonely office days before the old production engine gets up and running full blast. Its all looking good here at the moment, which makes us all a little nervous I think. Positive notes… we have gone to print with our Flyer, with our Gala invitations and our poster… which you can see above.

Marketa is out of office for the next few days, Jo is working with Tall Tales BogBoy this week, so I am left to sort and prepare everything for Monday morning. We’ll need our fresh crisp scripts, hot off the press and the writer’s pen, yoga mats, coffee, tables and rehearsals props. We need to make sure everyone can get here, Castletown can seem far away at first.

I am so very excited about this production, as its been on the cards as long as I have been working with The Performance Corporation. It will also be my last new production with the company for the next while, as I am off to London for college in the Autumn. Perhaps that is part of my extreme excitement for this show… the last one, I’m savouring every second. Then again, perhaps its the fact its idea of a new imagining of an old story, Arthur Riordan’s adaptation of this unfinished Flann O’Brien… Or could it be the fantastic cast that’s about to bring it to life – Malcolm Adams, Clare Barrett, Darragh Kelly, Lisa Lambe & Louis Lovett?

Who knows really… Does it matter?

Why am I asking these questions when I have a million other production queries to answer…

Ok, ok, back to my furniture hunt, did someone say Kitsch? More on our process soon…


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