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16th June 2010
Forgot the green!
20th June 2010

I’ve been moonlighting at Tall Tales Theatre Company for the past couple of weeks. I’m directing a show for them which opens in the Solstice in Navan tonight called Bogboy. Its written by Deirdre Kinahan and designed by a great team including Elaine Chapman, Ciaran Bagnall an oft times Performance Corp collaborator (we met him on the SPACE Programme in 2008), and Phillip Stewart who recently worked on the incredibly detailed and wonderful sound design for Early Bird at Project Arts Centre.

We more or less finished the tech last night and are in the auditorium doing some fixes now waiting for the performers to arrive to do some final tidy ups and a dress before opening tonight. It’s a great script and is looking stark and fantastic thanks to Ciaran’s AV and LX design. The actors are amazing too so hopefully I haven’t messed it up! I’m very excited for tonight.

I have to say its a strange experience in many respects, not working site-specifically or in traverse or in the round or some other configuration that makes you have to problem solve. Also we don’t have to worry about toilets, running water, electricity, how to get the audience in and around the space etc. Feels a bit – dare I say it – straightforward! I guess this is what its like most of the time for most theatre makers. But I think I’ll still relish the difficulties and surprises that an off site piece can throw at me which will no doubt be coming at us in Perf Corp in spades come Monday when we start rehearsals for Slattery’s Sago Saga!


Here’s a video promo for Bogboy – transfers to Project from 30 July.


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