The mountains

“Jig!” Secret show for St Pats Fest
17th March 2009
A Paper Ball
2nd April 2009

The “Spacers” and Hanna and I went up the mountains in Wicklow yesterday as our mid phase field trip. It was a stunning day, snow and sun followed us up the peak where we viewed Lugulla (or the Guinness) lake. Things are going swimmingly in SPACE this year. It’s amazing to have such a creative bunch of artists in rooms working together. I was slightly worried as last years participants were so marvelous that this year the programme wouldn’t be able to live up to last year, but it sure has! Exciting outcomes are happening daily spurred on from the participants own sessions. We’ve had Oisin create his own composition on the Cello having never picked one up before, Patrick present a deeply affecting performance spurred by Michelle’s provocations during the session she led, Jo (Thomas) take us on an estate agents viewing of the house and many many more. The past week was mainly filled with the artists leading sessions where we got to explore and understand how they make work. This week the intensive collabotations over longer periods begin. Can’t wait.

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