Chocolate Chip Preparation

Sneak Peek at Development
1st August 2009
Getting close
7th August 2009


The truth…although I’ve come away to focus on prepping for the next big Perf Corp gig, (which we can tell you about shortly), I find myself doing everything but. I’m checking in with the office, tidying up my computer filing system and even baking cookies! I know this is how I prepare though really. At this stage I’m getting to know my own routine. Its mostly about clearing my desk, clearing my inbox, clearing my closet etc and only then can I fully concentrate on the work at hand. When I have other things hanging over me from other projects, little domestic distractions and niggles, they take up space in my encumbered brain. These couple of days are about tidying-up essentially and that’s ok.

Monday’s first rehearsal looms tantalizingly close and I’m prepared. I will line up my notebooks and pens the night before, lay everything out as if for the return to school. For the first day I’ll probably even have ironed clothes and riotously dyed red hair. That look will crumple and fade as the days pass, but I know the decline in the personal department will be balanced by an increased vigour from the entire team. The more tired and dishevelled I am by the end of the rehearsal period the better the production will be. Bring on the personal decline.

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