Forgot the green!

19th June 2010
Midsummer – First Read Through
21st June 2010

Forgot the green!

I didn’t realise I was quite that superstitious until last night when just before Bogboy opened I stuffed a green bottle cap into my hair for luck. I always have to wear green for luck with a show and the luck is intensified if actors and crew turn up on the day accidentally wearing green too – crazed I know. It started way back when Perf Corp did  our first show Candide and it was selling out and doing really well when I noticed that I had been wearing green every night during of the show to date. So since then it has become habit or superstition – whatever  you like.

Bogboy went great last night, great reception from my homies in Meath. We still have some tech fixes today that are keeping us out of that amazing looking weather but I’m happy here making it all as close to what we want it to be as possible.

SSS rehearsals start tomorrow, hope I make it!

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