Midsummer – First Read Through

Forgot the green!
20th June 2010
Running through
8th July 2010

Easily the most exciting moment in advance of full production is getting the whole team together for the first time, which was almost achieved with the exception of a few designers. This morning with the streaming sunlight and the quiet courtyard in the West Wing at Castletown House we assembled cast and team for the first read through of the rehearsal draft of the script.

Sun creamed applied, with coffee in hand, we laughed and giggled our way through the surreal madness of Arthur Riordan’s script adaptation and extension of Flann O’Brien’s unfinished novel.   Its really wonderful hearing the lines come to life and catching each other’s eyes and chuckling as we realise the reality of what we are about to create.

There’s new faces and old faces and faces we haven’t seen working with us for many a year on board for Slattery’s and I am mega excited and now post-reading, MEGA busy in preparation.  Our wonderful Designer Ciaran Bagnall was on hand to take photos of the session this morning, look at that gorgeous midsummer sun!

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