New Kid on the Blog…

Can you guess?
9th August 2009
New Beginnings
11th August 2009

New Kid on the Blog…

After months of building up the courage, reading other witty, cleverly written, heart felt musings of my fellow bloggers, I’m finally here. Keeping the Blog flame alit.

I’ll try now to write a little without giving away Irene’s mystery!

It’s the night afore it all begins and I’ve just finished printing out the groundplan, a sacred map of mysterious lines, dots, symbols and figures…it’s not really…but thinking of it in this way helps me through the night.

As normal the design process began weeks ago and we now stand on the threshold of whether it’s going to work once we add a new version of the script and some actors! It’s come through various stages and ended up with none – to provide us with a flexible canvas we’ll opted to keep the staging to a minimum. I’m extremely excited about the possibility this now provides me and my fellow creative team members to create another visually stunning Performance Corporation Production!

Ciaran Bagnall – Designer


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