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10th August 2009
Competition – What’s it all about?
11th August 2009

So, it’s begun. Either it’s the uphill struggle to never-ending glory or a slippery slope to disaster. Somewhere in between would be good. I’m playing Sonny Power and my homework so far involves learning a gobbledygook language and the theme song to a film we all see at Christmas. You can figure that one out. I don’t know if the venue have any idea what they are in for!

This is the lovely relaxed part of rehearsal where you get to play and there’s no pressure yet to know where you are and what you are doing. Well, except to learn lines and fast! Let’s hope we figure it out along the way. It’s great to have the huge grounds of Castletown House for your playground. Brisk after lunch walks are keeping us awake. Speaking of which, I need my early morning coffee.. Follow us on twitter and stay tuned for more specific show details and gorgeous images (lisa lambe phwarr!!) later in the week.

Hilary O’Shaughnessy – Performer

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