Perking up DC with KISS – Theatrical Espresso HIT 1

Theatrical Espresso Revealed
14th February 2010
KISS USA – photos
16th February 2010

Well guys…

It’s been a long and wonderfully romantic day here in DC. At 2pm today, The Performance Corporation and 100 performers entwined outside The White House to bring you KISS USA.

Some of you may remember that we started our trend of Theatrical Espressos in 2008 with Dublin Theatre Festival and the first exposition of KISS.  It was so beautiful we decided to do it again with a fresh group of performers across the water.

For the second time in my history with The Performance Corporation, I was brought in as a performer. This piece as you can see from the VIDEO, is underscored by a capella group Alchemy and my own voice singing ‘kissing you’. This piece is my party piece as many of my friends will testify. Little did I realise that it would one day fit so perfectly into a piece by The Performance Corporation.

But even a piece of guerilla theatre, rehearsed as it was, was not without a few hiccups.

Upon arrival at the location we discovered a 2 lovely people with signs for free hugs and gifts of the same nature.

There was an American man protesting the Iraq war and singing songs of freedom.

There was a snow plough removing the last of the compacted ice from Pennsylvania avenue.

And there were a group of frat boys we have begun referring to as ‘the tool shed’.  They couldn’t resist spoiling a number of our photographic moments…


But overall, the piece was a romantic success! We have another Espresso on its way this week, something completely different. If you’re interested in getting involved, email me:

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