The Yokohama Delegation

21st June 2006
10th February 2005

The Yokohama Delegation

The Yokohama Delegation

By Tom Swift

Battling the Cyclops security guard, eluding the Sexy Sirens of the typing pool and braving the ‘underworld’ of R&D…it’s just another day at the office for our down-at-heel exec Jason as he embarks on a funny, futuristic, flamboyant quest for the mysterious ‘Golden Fleece’.

The Yokohama Delegation is an event for sore eyes. The audience is plunged into a darkened office block, where mascara-drenched eyelashes flicker in time to a syncopated beat, and the secretaries who inhabit the mythical landscape between clock-in and clock-out kick off their high heels for risque dance sequences.

This uproarious quest melds Greek myth and technicolour office comedies with The Performance Corporation’s signature brand of energetically humourous physical/visual theatre. It features an original retro-futuristic music score, choreography and the company’s signature high-tech box of sound and lighting tricks.


“The big theatrical event this year...The Performance Corporation’s The Yokohama Delegation has it all: mythology, music, dancing, satire, myriad costume changes and a killer script...the liveliest 80 minutes of theatre on stage anywhere”
The Examiner

“excellent…fun, lighthearted…fast-paced, energetic…numerous comic turns…a glossy coherent style, that might be described as retro futurism meets James Bond on Mount Olympus”
Irish Theatre Magazine

“it’s vitality and sheer quirkiness reaffirms one’s faith in the necessity of theatre and the importance of innovation”
The Kilkenny People

“…the Performance Corporation are maniacally and subversively brilliant.”
The Sunday Independent

“The Performance Corporation is a company that consistently produces stylistically unified and coherent performances and imaginative clever work”
Theatre Magazine

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