Slattery’s Saga over, Finland here we come.

To the sun and sea I go…
2nd December 2009
A tiny bit of pre-Christmas nostalgia
11th December 2009

Marty Rae, David Pearse and Louis Lovetdsc01750dsc01722

Its been a long few weeks, busy busy busy. We’re all holding our collective breath around the country to see how the arts survive the budget. Work still continues though and I want to get this blog up before the Brian’s get their hands on my mood.

Our recent reading at Castletown House of Slattery’s Sago Saga went brilliantly. We had a full house of delighted audince members, and as that is our constant joint aim for anything we do, it was a great success. Arthur Riordan’s script will give us so much to play with in full produciton and if we were fortunate enough to have some of the great cast we gathered for the reading (Clare Barrett, Lisa Lambe, Louis Lovett, David Pearse and Marty Rae) we’d be flying high. Kim V Porcelli provided fantastic musical accompaniment.

We were barely finished SSS when we got confirmation of an invitation for Power Point to the Tampere Festival in Finland next Summer. We’ll be organising a national tour and hopefully a couple of more dates overseas around it, so a busy summer ahead.

Anyway with Irene overseas and the office closing up for Christmas soon, we’ll be keeping our heads down and fingers crossed that the powers that be continue to support our work.

For now a very early Happy Christmas from me (and I’m normally a shocking Bah Humbug!)

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