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Prepping for Slattery’s Sago Saga
27th November 2009
Slattery’s Saga over, Finland here we come.
9th December 2009

Today is my last day of the year working with The Performance Corporation and I suppose i’m in a bit of a reflective mood.  We’ve had a busy busy year here and I’m so proud to have been part this year’s body of work.

March saw us JIG with St. Patrick’s Festival and 100 dancers at Central Bank, in a Theatrical Espresso that surprised many on their way through the city.  We jumped straight from that into the second SPACE Programme.  This year’s artist’s were a creative and lively bunch with a number of thrilling outcomes from the Programme spread across the two weeks and indeed later into the year.

Oisin Byrne and Jo ThomasPaper Ball was one such event which The Performance Corporation took into development for a performance piece at the Allianz Business to Arts Awards.  White Out was performed at the ceremony at Castletown House.

Jo Thomas returned once again in June to collaborate on Cool Fresh Milk, a performance piece that explores a new strand of work for the company.  With co-collaborators Lisa Lambe, Tom Swift and Jo Mangan, the piece was presented to audiences at the Electronic Church in Berlin and at Darklight Festival in the lighthouse cinema.

Of course we had our big new show Power Point as well which premiered in the Camden Court Hotel as part of Absolut Fringe.  The piece received great reviews and Clare Barrett was nominated for a Fringe Award as well. I hope you got to enjoy the characters tweets on Twitter!

There were also development days, brain storms and side-projects scattered across the year, too many to remember them all!  We also made our website all sexy and tidy! The office is organised and I’m fairly confident I know where all of our gear is. 😉

That’s all so far – but we do also have a new script reading upcoming this Sunday, if you’re free. Arthur Riordan’s take on Flann O’Brien’s ‘Slattery’s Sago Saga‘.  I won’t be there unfortunately, but there is a star cast ready and willing to unleash the new piece on your ears.

Bring on 2010!

See you in January… after I come back from this

Irene x

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