Slattery’s Sago Saga photoshoot

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5th May 2010
Spilt Gin in Castletown House
28th May 2010

We talk and we plan and we organise, but it is never real for me until we all get into a room together. Yesterday at Rathfarnham Castle was the beginning. With our actors Clare Barrett, Lisa Lambe & Louis Lovett, photographer Colm Hogan, videographer Niamh Burke-Kennedy, costume designer Niamh Lunny, make-up artist Chloe Bourke, graphic designer Caoimhe O’Byrne and not to forget Jo Mangan, Marketa Puzman and myself.

Armed with costume, make-up, cameras and as many sago palm trees as we could find, we began to create the world of Slattery’s Sago Saga.  I’m very excited about the images!

Rathfarnham Castle is a beautiful building and spending some quality artistic time in there yesterday got me and indeed the team excited about this summer’s project.  Site-specific work is such a joy when you get the opportunity to access and work in spaces that you might otherwise never see. We hope to give you that opportunity too in July when we present Slattery’s Sago Saga for the first time there.

If you’d like to catch a sneak preview of the play, watch the video of the December reading at Castletown House HERE. With rehearsals on the horizon and design meetings pinned down we’re shifting up a gear, we’ll keep you posted as it develops!

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