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17th January 2010
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28th January 2010

The shed, owned by Jo’s dad is out in Kilcock, a good 25 minute drive from our offices at Castletown. In this cavernous place we store all our old sets, production gear like paint and varnish, props and LX cables and lights.  For the last 3 years its been impossible to find anything there. I’ve tried on numerous occasions with various people, assistant stage managers, production assistants and Kelly and Jo to create order, with little success.

Finally in the Winter of 2009, Fishamble cleared out their bay, which is adjacent to ours, and Jo’s dad was able to construct a partition. This is what there bay looks like now…

almost empty now... it looks great.

almost empty now... it looks great.

So we thought we’d follow suit with Fishamble and PanPan

so tidy...

pan pan. so tidy...

and make a concentrated effort once and for all to gain control of our gear.  I was dreading it. But for the first time in my 3 1/2 years with the company going out to the shed was not the most horrible, depressing task in the world.  Thanks to the wonderful new partition, constructed using old Fishamble set and parts of the Yokohama Delegation set, we can organise properly… There was still a huge amount of tidying to do, but I gone down and dirty with it all. Marketa and Jo spent 4hrs tidying through old costumes we’ve accumulated and I organised all my production gear on shelves.

We got about 2/3 of the space done and I can’t tell you how relieved I am. The shed has been hanging over my head since I started with the company, shoved messily under the proverbial carpet. I’m the happiest production coordinator around at the moment. God I’m such a nerd…

Here’s a look at what shed looks like now. To anyone who had seen it before the mess, sigh the sigh of relief I know you all feel. For actors its the daunting audition, for producers its securing the funding, for directors its the challenge of realising your artistic vision, but  me as a production coordinator, its the organisation of the shed…

look at that !

look at that !

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