New Year – New Message

A tiny bit of pre-Christmas nostalgia
11th December 2009
The Happy Production Coordinator
21st January 2010

Old Town Square

Happy New Year everybody! Above is a photo from my time off – christmassy Old Town Square in Prague. Coming back from the holidays was not without obstacles, largely due to the wintery weather in Ireland, but after a little bit of delay (four days) I have made it safely back to Castletown House.

The time off was brilliant, but I must admit I am glad to be back. The first working week of 2010 was about prepping for two theatrical espressos in Washington D.C., in cooperation with Solas Nua, following through on the revival tour of Power Point and attending For Impact Training facilitated by Business to Arts.

I will stay (wo)manning the office when Jo, Tom and Irene head to Washington in three weeks’ time. Watch this space for more info on the two secret performances in mid-February. By then we should have a pretty good idea how this year is going to pan out in terms of our new show, a revival tour of Power Point and this year’s SPACE Programme.

The Business to Arts For Impact training was uplifting and energising. Actually, it was full of happy memories of Power Point premiére, as the setting was the same – the Camden Court Hotel conference suite! Tom Suddes is a brilliant coach and if you ever get a chance to participate at his seminar, I greatly recommend it.  Lots to digest from the two days and looking forward to implementing Tom’s tips to The Performance Corporation. Possibly the first concrete outcome from the training might be our message (still in progress):

Memorable Experiences through Theatrical Adventures in Surprising Spaces.

What do you think, does it convey what the company is about?

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