‘What’s It All About?’ winner

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12th August 2009
Early Mornings and Small Chairs.
14th August 2009

‘What’s It All About?’ winner

We received 18 entries to competition and thanks to everyone who commented!

The Winner is…

Niall Shanhan with the following guess:

Ballycumber Redemption’

The year is 2032. H2N2 variant influenza – popularly known as ‘Rasher Flu’ following a mutation of H1N1 ‘Swine Flu’ – has wiped out all but the last 10 humans.

The mutation occured during the national rasher sandwich obsession of the post recessionary 20-teens. In the absence of expensive cars and houses, status was decided upon by one’s consumption of rasher sandwiches. Tragically, this proved fatal for the world’s population.

The surviving humans take refuge in a church hall in Ballycumber, County Offaly. They discover that constant yogic meditation is a powerful deterent to the virulent and toxic atmosphere beyond the hall’s perimeter. Only 6 survivors at a time can meditate, so three others improvise by yogic table dancing. At night all 10 sleep upright on chairs in the (mistaken) belief that it wards off illness.

They entertain themselves by watching automated youtube highlights of Big Brother series 3 on a computer (the internet survives the virus), cranking up the volume through the sound system whenever the theme tune comes on as it is the only available source of music (sadly, none of the survivors are musicians). They dance like crazy whenever this happens.

Cushions and gaff tape are used to plug any drafts in the old church hall, while bound and unbound copies of the McCarthy report are used to paper over the cracks of their fragile subcultural existence.

With the clock ticking, the survivors have intercepted an email message from the World Health Organisation. An antidote exists, it’s active ingredient is a bog weed growing a mere half mile from Ballycumber. Whoever ventures forth to retrieve the weed is certain to die before the antidote can be of any use to them. But the remaining nine survivors will be saved. Who goes? You decide.

Refreshments will be served (Coffee, tea, water and biscuits)


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