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17th August 2009
Run 1 and beyond
23rd August 2009
costume fittings today….
So this afternoon I had the first costume fittings with our lovely actors, i’m always a little anxious at the initial fitting as it’s the first time the performers see their costumes come to life, and its important they feel and look how they expected them too, and i’m very pleased to say it went really well.
Of course they were a couple of little issues and one rather big one in the form of not having clare’s costume for her yet, sorry clare, but one week into rehersals it’s all shaping up nicely.
With Lisa’s power shoulders, Alan’s velvet number and Hilary grunged to perfection we got some cool look’s going on, and i’m raring to hit the shops again tommorrow, so bring on the accessories………..x
Suzanne Keogh – Costume Designer
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