Run 1 and beyond

Costume’s First Fitting and Blog!
18th August 2009
11 days to 1st preview
25th August 2009

Saturday saw the first full run of the play. It was pretty much fully costumed and off book, so felt strangely like a dress rehearsal. It went really well, the actors are all on top of it and the ship is steering an interesting and unusual furrow. Lighting and projections were our main areas for discussion post the run as they really have a job of work to do to fit around and augment the action. We have to avoid the temptation of going overboard on the 2d side of things to the detriment of the live action.

Other than that lots of other work is motoring along. We received a mountain of wonderful submissions for the Athy % for Arts Scheme “project X” which is essentially potentially an artistic reinvention of a town. We’ll keep you posted on how that is going.

We’re also dusting off Cool Fresh Milk, our Berlin debuted short piece for presentation in Dublin at a venue TBC.

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