Filling the shoes

24th July 2009
Sneak Peek at Development
1st August 2009

The big blue yonder has wooed Kelly away from the Irish weather and I have inherited her desk, some pens, the filing cabinet and a pair of big shoes (the chair went to Irene). My name is Marketa Puzman and I have joined The Performance Corporation to produce our new show.

The first weeks in any new job are a little nerve wrecking – constantly noting down procedures, log-in names and locations of important documents and files, while trying to get the feel for the dynamics of the company. Kelly has done a great job on the handover; Jo, Tom and Irene have been more than welcoming, so now I just have to concentrate on getting them shoes filled!

I am very excited about our new show. The run last week after two development days (!) was amazing and I will be able to tell you more details about it next month – so hang in there.

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