“Please try not to mention the very large Python outside the shop.”

Early Mornings and Small Chairs.
14th August 2009
Great 1st week
17th August 2009

“Please try not to mention the very large Python outside the shop.”

A haze of scripts, costume & make up sketches, introductions, hand shakes, air-kisses, marketing packs, pleading phone calls, internet research, individually wrapped biscuits and coffee, lots of coffee, shaped a very eventful first week of work for this intern but also marked the start of rehearsals for our next piece “Power Point”. Oh, and better not forget to mention the 11 foot Burmese Python!

What may sound like torture for some, has however been absolute bliss for me. On Monday I began my four week internship here in Castletown House with The Performance Corporation team. With sweaty palms I greeted an ensemble of familiar faces, smiling and willing to coach me through my first couple days.

I was very excited when Marketa invited me along to the Absolut Fringe Festival launch photo shoot on Wednesday, all very exciting! It involved Lisa Lambe and the aforementioned Python. On a strangely humid day in Temple Bar, although it may have been initial python nerves that were causing me to feel warmer than usual, we got Lisa all costumed up for the shoot and we went to meet a man about a snake. The man in question was not at all what I expected, no long hair or white turban or magical flute that would some how keep the snake in a hypnotic trance. He didn’t even come in a closed pot or basket but in a large suit case, like something your Grandmother would have in the attic. Instead we met a polite, mild mannered young man in Fallon & Byrne Food Hall where the shoot was taking place. Whilst waiting for our go in front of the camera we parked ourselves and the snake outside the store. The photo shoot attracted a number of on lookers straining to get a better look at what was happening, which is to be expected when you have several actors in striking costumes and dramatic make up. I couldn’t help thinking how many of them would run a mile if they knew there was a huge Burmese Python only a few feet away!

I have the utmost respect for Lisa Lambe, who plays Jill Power in the upcoming show. When it was time for her to step in front of the camera and the snake was released from his suit case, she strode confidently toward him and without a second thought she had him draped around her neck, pulling out powerful poses which resulted in some fabulous pictures. The hard work paid off and resulted in a beautiful image on yesterdays edition of the Metro.

A very memorable day at the office indeed!

Annette O’Shea, intern.


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