The Butterfly Ranch

Dr. Ledbetter’s Experiment
20th August 2004
The Seven Deadly Sins
20th September 2003

The Butterfly Ranch

The Butterfly Ranch

By Tom Swift

Blood, violence and butterflies...
Performed on a spectacular, vertical stage - purpose built in a new space at SS Michael & John in Temple Bar.
'The Butterfly Ranch' is the tale of a mystery boy who quite literally falls from the sky into the muddy, murky and violent world of Jed Senior.

On Jed's ranch, swine feed on butterflies, Latvian farmhands run covert internet scams and the rule of the gun is law. But the boy's eagerness to learn Jed's etiquette of violence upsets the balance of power, leading to a bloody conflict which leaves no one on the butterfly ranch unscathed.
'The Butterfly Ranch' is a dark and deeply political meditation on life's repeating cycles of violence.


Irish Times review of the year 2004

" astute, stylish creation…large-scale ambition matched by confident accomplishment… inventive, original, engaging, colourful and witty yet weighty and thought provoking, memorable in design and fresh in composition…Performance Corporation's absurdly conceived The Butterfly Ranch… re-envisioned performance and perspective with its two-tier stage at SS Michael & John."

“The Performance Corporation has displayed a gift for sharp social comedy delivered with an energy to which the word ‘boundless’ could scarcely do justice… this is a production from the Performance Corporation, we’re all also going to laugh, darkly and uneasily, at the same time.”

Irish Theatre Magazine

…trademark flourishes of playful and acerbic high comedy…snarling energy…splenetic and frenetic. Director Jo Mangan and her adventurous cast respond with physically abrasive performances orchestrated upon a space that clatters with rancorous affinity.

Irish Times

"amazing, very thought-provoking"
"dark, wacky and funny"
"incredibly exciting"
Audience comments, The Irish Times

Creatively staged… The Performance Corporation are more than welcome on what is often a predictable theatre scene… fabulous design by Sinead O'Hanlon…intelligent and entertaining staging, and refined use of what is becoming signature computer animation.


"….striking, specially constructed stage, its three tiers interlocking like the pieces of a dizzying jigsaw puzzle; and that’s just the point…."

"high-voltage fury of Tom Swift’s script… the unshakeable sense of tension which comes of literally teetering over the maelstrom of Swift’s surreal vision…tale of savagery and betrayal"

"ruthlessly physical theatre…wonderfully realised …original, visually striking tale of revenge"
Irish Theatre Magazine

"A cross between Animal Farm and Willy Wonka's Chocolate Factory"
Ian Dempsey’s Breakfast show, Today FM

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