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End Point
8th September 2009
Three days ago..
22nd September 2009

Power Point is heading into its last four days in the Absolut Fringe 2009. I am the producer and this is my first gig with The Performance Corporation. I love the show, it is ‘really superb, absolutely hilarious, a beautiful piece of writing and very powerful’ (The View, RTÉ). In fact, I think the whole team does and I hope it shows at every performance. 

Since Power Point is ‘riotous fun’ (Irish Theatre Magazine), I am having my own as my days are split between the office and the venue. You might have read in the Metro review (‘subversive, spoofy and thought-provoking stuff, pitch-perfect performances’) that ‘black-clad corporate drones sign you up for the conference’ – well that is myself, Irene and two Fringe volunteers (so far most often Niamh and Melanie). Irene is especially proud of her perfectly laid out symmetrical conference table, while my ticket collecting desk is somewhat a little more relaxed. Overall, I believe we ‘make for a knockout ensemble under Jo Mangan’s direction’ (Sunday Independent), who is also present almost every night.

If you haven’t seen this glorious raspberry blown extremely loudly’ (Sunday Independent), which is ‘uproariously funny’ (Irish Examiner), make sure you don’t miss it, because ‘you will adore Tom Swift’s Power Point’ (Sunday Independent).

Oh, and please, drop us a comment on Facebook how you found it. Thanks!


Power Point conference registration desk with its master (Irene)

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