16th October 2008

Pimp my Ride

This whole thing has become an episode of Pimp my Ride. In fact, from the writer’s point of view I think it’s always like this. You […]
9th October 2008

The Nose Project Arts Centre 7-22 November

Info Booking (+353 1) 881 9613/14 It really is hard to get ahead without a nose. And it makes things even tougher when the nose […]
9th October 2008

The glamourous world behind the scenes.

So I’ve been cajoled and coerced into blogging. It seemed like such a great idea a few weeks ago when we weren’t in the thick of […]
9th October 2008

Kiss my YouTube

Why are people smiling? It must be our Kiss video. The response has been incredible and it seems to have made a lot of people smile […]
8th October 2008

Day 3

Rehearsals are tipping along nicely. We haven’t really started working on the specific text/scenes yet as I’m keen to open up the process for the actors […]
7th October 2008

First Day of Rehearsals: A Confession

I know it’s crazy, but I feel strangely sad. I’ve just given my baby up for adoption. After a prolonged and difficult pregnancy of three years, […]
3rd October 2008

3 days to go

So, I thought it was a great idea to schedule a “secret show” for the Dublin Theatre Festival 2 days before rehearsals! Strangely I think it […]
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