6th November 2008


Tech week, tech week oh tech week! No college course or even life experience can prepare you for tech week. Let me try and give you […]
6th November 2008

Tech Day 1

Hi. How’s it going?  It seems like an age since I lasted blogged.  I’ve been so busy I could hardly breathe.  The Get-In and Fit-Up was […]
4th November 2008

Home Alone

I’m at home. I have a morning off. I have no transport as my car is needed for Irene the Production Coordinator to get about.  My […]
28th October 2008


I was talking to one of the actors the other day and he happened to mention that he had never been part of the production side […]
23rd October 2008

Kill Your Babies!

I just killed my babies and I feel great! I took the little brats down to the end of the garden and I bumped them off […]
22nd October 2008


No matter how prepared you are for a show, there will always be at least one deadline that gets blown out of the water and if […]
21st October 2008

Flooring It…

The end of week 2 and things are gearing up now.  With deadlines pushing on and the ever looming OPENING NIGHT creeping closer, I am surprisingly […]
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